About Company

Founded in 2012, we are Ants on a Melon, a Springfield, Oregon-based manufacturer of color changing flashlights and fiber optic accessories. We work with electronic music festival attendees and high-tech fashion designers looking to enhance user experience, visual appeal, and 3D artistic displays.

A few years back, Ants on a Melon's founder, Joel Pinkham, came to the realization that Humans are not much different than our good friends we call Ants. Here's the story:

At a music festival near Nelson, British Columbia, Joel found himself collecting rocks in a nearby riverbed. As clouds started to roll in, he started the hike back to his campsite in the Kootenay Mountains. On his way, a new friend named Tyson approached him and commented on the beauty that surrounded them in that exact moment. Joel then gave Tyson one of the rocks he had found. They began walking together and Tyson dropped the rock three times. After the third time, Tyson smiled and gave the rock back to Joel, explaining that this particular rock wanted stay with its original owner. Near where the rock fell the third time there was a watermelon broken into several pieces. They crouched down to have a closer look at the melon and noticed it was covered in little black ants. The ants appeared to be in a state of timelessness as they sucked on the sweet nectar of the melon. In that moment, Joel and Tyson exchanged smiles as they looked over the valley of the Kootenay's that was rumbling from the bass of the music festival. It was then that Joel realized that all of the beautiful people that were vibrating harmoniously with the frequencies of the music were no different than the beautiful ants near their feet, vibrating harmoniously with the frequency of the melon.

We are all just "Ants on a Melon"!


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