Critter Connector User Guide

Critter Connector User Guide 

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The Critter Connector includes (2) sets of O-Rings. The O-Rings attached to the Critter Connector have a smaller outer diameter which allow the Critter Connector to be more easily rotated into the RGB Critter. 

The spare set of O-Rings included with the Critter Connector have a larger outer diameter which will make the installation into the RGB Critter more difficult. These larger O-Rings are ideal for anyone who plans to use the product more aggressively, because the parts will be more securely locked together.


Installation of Critter Connector

In order to install the Critter Connector, peel back the RGB Critter's silicone Shell so that you can see the aluminum at the back end of the RGB Critter. After removing the End Cap, push the Critter Connector into the back end of the RGB Critter until the O-Ring is no longer visible and the Critter Connector is flat (not at an angle). Now start rotating the Critter Connector clockwise.


Connecting 2 Critters Back-To-Back Using Sol Sabers

When connecting your Critters back-to-back with Sol Sabers attached, hold the Sol Sabers, not the RGB Critter, and rotate the parts together. By using this method, you will avoid twisting the Critter Shell out-of-place.

When disconnecting the 2 Critters, hold the point where the RGB Critter and Sol Saber meets and rotate to remove the parts.


How to Remove Critter Connector

Once fully installed, the Critter Connector will be difficult to remove from the RGB Critter. Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the small slot found on either end of the Critter Connector and rotate counter-clockwise to remove.