Sponsored Artists

All artists welcome!

Ants on a Melon, Inc. is interested in creating long-lasting partnerships with talented artists in any of the following categories:

  1. Performance Flow Artists
  2. Light Painters
  3. Costume Designers
  4. You name it...

How our Sponsored Artist Partnerships work:

  1. We supply you with released and unreleased AOAM gear.
  2. You supply us with high-quality media that we can use on our social media platforms and website.
  3. We clearly post credit for all of your artwork wherever used (if possible). We promote you and your online platforms on all of our online channels and our website.

How to become an AOAM Sponsored Artist:

  1. You cannot be sponsored by any other company that is a competitor of AOAM.
  2. You must be capable of creating very high-quality media in low-light scenarios.
  3. Order any RGB Critter Package (RGB Critter + Accessory) from our website.
  4. Create high-quality media using our product.
  5. Send us an email with links to the media you created using our products.
  6. If we dig your work, we will send a refund for the RGB Critter Package and work with you to create a Sponsored Artist Partnership.

If you have an online following:

If you have a considerable online following (ideally >20K followers on any platform) and can share examples of high-quality media:

  1. Send us an email with a link to your platform and share links to some of your best media.  
  2. This media must show that you are capable of high-resolution film and/or pictures in low-light scenarios.

We look forward to meeting you! Drop us a line with links to your artwork!

 --> support@antsonamelon.com