Pre-Orders Ship In 4 - 8 Weeks

Production Updates


After being held up for over a month at the LA Port, our first production order of aluminum parts has arrived to our facility in Oregon. We'll start some assembly of these parts but are still waiting on a few orders of parts that have been delayed by Chinese mandates. The pre-order confirmation forms will start to go out next week. If you don't get yours next week, please be patient--we will be sending them out in waves so that we can manage the higher volume of requests. As a reminder, we will be confirming your address and order contents with this form so there is no need to reach out to us in the meantime. My next update will go out next week with an updated release date for the RGB Critter. Please direct all questions about your order to 🧙‍♂️👍 #antsonamelon #rgbcritter #mastertoymaker