Fyber Kit Package (Pre-Order)

After 4 years of development and a successful Kickstarter campaign in which we raised over $143,000, we are thrilled to share the World's most feature-loaded color changing flashlight, the RGB Critter. Features include, programmable color modes, sound reactivity, and a built-in accellerometer that allows the RGB Critter to change colors when you move.

Fyber Kit Accessory

The Fyber Kit is a fiber optic kit that is perfect for any DIY costume or creative project. It's made up of 360 end-glow fiber optic fibers that are all 6 feet long. You can cut the fibers to your desired length and they will have the same lighting effect where cut. The fiber optics are made of high-grade durable material, so they’ll hold up to all kinds of wear and tear. If you’re a customer or prop-maker, you’ll love the infinite possibilities of the Fyber Kit.

  • .75mm end glow fibers (tips glow)
  • 360 fibers
  • All fibers 6 feet long
  • Can be cut to the desired length

The Fyber Kit is similar to the Orbit BitWhip, but it has more fibers (360 vs 140), all of the fibers are 6 feet in length, and the fibers do not rotate.

*This product is intended to be used only for costuming and art installations. It is not designed to have the fibers pulled on aggressively. Do not use this product as a performance prop. The fibers may fall out if used improperly. Fibers coming loose from the metal housing are not covered by our warranty.*

Package Includes

  • (1) RGB Critter Flashlight (default 2600mAh 18650 battery)
  • (1) Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • (2) Spare O-Rings
  • (1) Fyber Kit Twist-On Accessory

Available for pre-order now! Your order will ship February 2021.



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