Jupiter Rope Package (Pre-Order)

After 4 years of development and a successful Kickstarter campaign in which we raised over $143,000, we are thrilled to share the World's most feature-loaded color changing flashlight, the RGB Critter. Features include, programmable color modes, sound reactivity, and a built-in accellerometer that allows the RGB Critter to change colors when you move.

Jupiter Rope Package

The Jupiter Rope is a 6-foot long side glow cable housed within a rotating bearing. By directing the light out of the sides of the fiber rather than just through the end, you’ll get a rope that can be used for all sorts of purposes from bicycle lighting to light painting. The Jupiter Rope is extremely durable, protected by a rubber sleeve resistant to scratching and water damage. It’s also very flexible and can be used as a performance prop.

  • Side glow cable
  • 6 feet long
  • Flexible rubber protective coating
  • Built-in bearing for 360-degree rotation
  • Can be cut to the desired length

Package Includes

  • (1) RGB Critter Flashlight (default 2600mAh 18650 battery)
  • (1) Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • (2) Spare O-Rings
  • (1) Jupiter Rope Accessory
  • (1) Extra end cap with built-in reflector

Light Painting example pictures by:

Russell Kilmas | | @lightnlens

Available for pre-order now! Your order will ship Febuary 2021.


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