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RGB Critter Product Notices

Recommended Purchases for New RGB Critter Accessories

The following are accessory items that are included with each RGB Critter Flashlight. We recommend including extras of these smaller items to keep your RGB Critter functioning optimally over time.

1. 3050mAh 18650 Battery:

--> Each RGB Critter includes (1) 3050mAh 18650 Battery.

--> This is the specific battery required to power an RGB Critter Flashlight. Use of any other battery will void RGB Critter warranty.

2. Critter Key:

--> Each RGB Critter includes (1) Critter Key.

--> The Critter Key was designed to assist with removing the RGB Critter End Cap and Battery Caps.

3. Micro-USB Charging Cable:

--> Each RGB Critter includes (1) Micro-USB Charging Cable.

--> Use this cable to charge your 18650 Battery via the micro-USB charging port located at the tail end of the RGB Critter.

-->Due to the position of the micro-USB charging port, almost all micro-USB cables are not compatible with the RGB Critter. Damage to the micro-USB port is not covered under warranty. Use of any other charging cable will void RGB Critter warranty.

4. O-ring:

--> Each RGB Critter includes (2) extra O-rings.

--> O-rings help the RGB Critter seal out dust and water. O-rings will wear out over time and should be replaced if broken.

    Important Updates to the RGB Critter Product Line
    1. See our updated Product Disclaimers here:
    2. Silicone Sleeve design has changed. See the final design here:
    3. The RGB Critter now has a replaceable 18650 Battery. See battery product here:
    4. Each RGB Critter Flashlight includes (1) 3050mAh Lithium-ion Battery.
    5. Each RGB Critter Flashlight includes (1) Critter Key Tool to assist with removing the End Cap and Battery Cap. See Critter Key here:
    6. The RGB Critter is now capable of firmware updates via the micro-USB port. Firmware updates can be found here when available:
    7. The RGB Critter's Silicone Sleeve is no longer permanently attached to the aluminum housing.
    8. The Orbit BitWhip 220 Fiber Accessory now has 20 fewer fibers. The total number of fibers for any Orbit BitWhip 220 Fiber Accessory is now 200 fibers. There is no price change for this accessory product.
    9. The RGB Critter should be held while in use at all times. It is not designed to be used as a "Rope Dart" or in any other way that would require the RGB Critter to be swung around at high speeds. Use of the RGB Critter in this way could lead to serious injury or damage to the product and will void all warranties.
    10. All Jupiter Rope Accessories do not include an extra rubber end cap. The rubber end cap that is included with each Jupiter Rope Accessory is firmly attached and can be removed if needed.
    11. We have updated our Light Painting Blade shapes and no longer offer Circle, Rectangle, Diamond, or Feather shapes. Replacement shapes can be selected from the Pre-Order Confirmation Form. See the final shape designs here:
    12. The RGB Critter no longer has an IP54 rating. The RGB Critter should not be submerged in water at any time. There are no current claims for water or dust resistance for the RGB Critter product.
    13. Sol Saber Weighted Caps are designed to work best with shorter length Sol Sabers 24 inches and under. The Weighted Caps will offer less benefit for Sol Sabers longer than 24 inches. 

    Important Information for Kickstarter Backers Only

    1. The default option for the Sol Saber on our Kickstarter campaign is the 24-inch Sol Saber without a weighted end cap. See all Sol Saber Accessory options here:
    2. The default option for the Orbit BitWhip Accessory on our Kickstarter campaign is the 140 Fiber Orbit BitWhip Accessory. See all of the Orbit BitWhip Accessory options here:

    Important Information for International Kickstarter Backers Only

    1. The default shipping option for all US-based customers is USPS First Class or USPS Priority Mail (if needed).
    2. The default shipping option for all international customers is USPS First Class International. USPS First Class International shipping has an expected delivery time of 2–6 weeks, with limited tracking once the package leaves the US. We do not guarantee delivery of USPS First Class or USPS Priority International packages. If you would like to upgrade your shipping method, please contact us at to explore your shipping options. See more on our International Shipping policies here: