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The Jupiter Rope is a 6-foot long side glow cable housed within a rotating bearing. By directing the light out of the sides of the fiber rather than just through the end, you’ll get a rope that can be used for all sorts of purposes from bicycle lighting to light painting. The Jupiter Rope is extremely durable, protected by a rubber sleeve resistant to scratching and water damage. It’s also very flexible and can be used as a performance flow prop.

  • Side glow cable
  • 6 feet long
  • Flexible rubber protective coating
  • Built-in bearing for 360-degree rotation
  • Can be cut to the desired length

*The RGB Critter silicone sleeve design has been updated and no longer looks like the pictures shown on our website. We will be posting the updated design to our website in April 2021.*

Light Painting example pictures by: Russell Kilmas | https://lightandlense.com/ | @lightnlens


After four years of development and a successful Kickstarter campaign in which we raised over $143,000, we are thrilled to share the world's most feature-loaded color-changing flashlight, the RGB Critter. 

Sol Saber 2.0


  • (1) RGB Critter Flashlight (default 3100mAh 18650 battery)
  • (1) Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • (2) Spare O-Rings
  • (1) Jupiter Rope Accessory
  • (1) Extra end cap with built-in reflector



The RGB Critter is a color-changing flashlight (torch) that threads at the lens. Accessories from the RGB Critter product line are also threaded. You attach them to the RGB Critter by twisting them into the front end of the RGB Critter. When the RGB Critter is turned on, it will light up the accessory that is attached.
Yes, all of our accessories are universally interchangeable with the RGB Critter Flashlight. 
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(Domestic) We accept returns for full refunds if the return is received within 30 days of receipt of your original order. (International) We accept returns for full refunds if the return is received within 30 days of initial shipment of your order.
We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the RGB Critter Flashlight. You can view the entire warranty policy here.
Yes, our Critter Connector does just this! Remove the End Cap from both RGB Critters and connect them by twisting on the Critter Connector.


The JUPITER ROPE is a twist-on fiber optic accessory with multiple uses. It's comprised of a single side glow cable (just as it sounds) encased in a flexible rubber sleeve for protection from the elements. Apply it to your bike, use it for light painting, spin it as a fiber optic rope prop, or apply it to your favorite costume.
Length: 5.5 feet (168 cm). Diameter: 6 mm. Weight: 4 ounces (.03 kg).
This Black Cap has a reflective surface within it. When the light reaches the end of the JUPITER ROPE Accessory, the light is reflected down the fiber optic cable to increase the overall brightness.
Yes, you can cut the JUPITER ROPE Accessory length using a household pair of scissors. Once you have cut the JUPITER ROPE Accessory to your desired length, attach the extra reflective cap included with your order for optimal brightness throughout the length of the product.
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