We here at Ants on a Melon have been working on a new color-changing flashlight to give you a flexible and customizable tool you can use for any number of 3D artistic displays.  The RGB Critter is a color-changing flashlight with more features than any flashlight on the market.  If you love incorporating light and color into art or fashion, you’ll love the RGB Critter.

In order to emulate a variety of exotic critters, we wanted to create a flashlight that would be as bright as possible.  We sourced the brightest RGB LED we could find, with an emission of 200 lumens of light.  We then further increased the brightness by adding a focused primary beam.

The RGB Critter comes with 8 pre-set color modes, but we also wanted to give you the ability to make your Critter your own.  So, it includes 32 customizable color modes that give you access to 33 distinct color choices.  You can even choose from 10 levels of brightness and 100 different speeds within each mode, giving you an endless number of light patterns you can create. 

The RGB Critter is incredibly easy to navigate with only 3 simple illuminated buttons.  It features a sound reactivity system that allows you to adjust the sensitivity to match the sound intensity of your environment.  It even has a movement sensor that allows you to control the Critter with your movements.

There’s nothing worse than a low battery, so we made sure the Critter had a battery life of up to 9 hours at full brightness, or up to 90 hours at the lowest setting.  The built-in li-ion battery is charged through a micro-USB, and can run continuously when plugged into an energy source.

The RGB Critter is as powerful as it is durable.  We gave it a plastic clamshell and a 2-millimeter thick aluminum housing to protect the electronics from the elements.  The Critter is anything but fragile, as its shock-absorbent silicone sleeve can handle the stress from all sorts of impacts.


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