RGB Critter Flashlight Updated

The RGB Critter is powered by an 18650 battery (included) that can easily be swapped out with a spare battery. The 18650 battery can be charged while within the Critter via microUSB. At full brightness, the RGB Critter can be powered 3 hours with the color white and up to 9 hours with one of the 32 other solid color options.

The RGB Critter has a removable end cap that twists off. This is where you will plug in your micro-USB charging cable when you are ready to charge your flashlight. With the end cap removed, you can twist-on the Critter Connector which allows you to connect 2 RGB Critters back-to-back! See the Double Sided Critter page for more information.



* Micro USB Firmware Updates: All RGB Critter flashlights come with the features listed below. There will be firmware updates posted periodically on our website that will offer updated color options, color mode patterns, and other updated features- Stay tuned!

  • PRE-SET COLOR MODES: The RGB Critter comes with 8 pre-set color modes (solid color options, fade, strobe, and combinations).
  • 24 COLOR SLOTS: Each pre-set color mode can be customized with up to 24 unique colors.
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLORS: You can choose from a palette of 33 unique color options (including black).
  • SELECT YOUR SPEED: Once you have your colors chosen, you can select your speed (1%-100%).
  • SAVE YOUR CUSTOM MODE: When your speed is locked-in, the mode is saved and will remain until you delete it or execute a factory reset.

    Compatible 18650 Batteries

    • Protection circuit not required. There is a built-in protection circuit within the RGB Critter. Button-top or flat-top batteries. Max diameter 18.8mm. Any length between 65mm and 66.5mm.


    The RGB Critter's Momentary Function allows light painters to turn off the Critter by simply holding a button. When the button is released, the light turns on. When you hold the button (light off), the Critter will pause your current preset or customized mode and resume the mode once you release the button (light on). You can use the Momentary Function at any point the Critter is on (solid colors, color modes, any other special feature).

    RGB Critter Flashlight


    • FAVORITE MODE LIST: If you really like the customized mode, you can also send it to your list of 20 favorite customized modes.
    • CUSTOMIZED MEMORY SLOTS: There are 52 memory slots spread throughout the firmware that are available for your customized modes.
    • RESUMES SAME COLOR MODE: The Critter will always turn on within the last mode it was turned off- The mode will pause, then resume in the exact spot you turned it off in.
    • BRIGHTNESS CONTROL: Choose from 10 different brightness levels.
    • BATTERY LIFE INDICATOR: When the RGB Critter is turned off, you can check the battery level by holding the top button for 3 seconds. The RGB LED will display different colors to indicate the remaining battery life.
    • CONVENIENT RECHARGING: The replaceable 18650 battery is micro-USB rechargeable. When plugged into a power source, the RGB Critter's battery will fully charge then switch to direct power for continuous use.
    • 3 BUTTON TECHNOLOGY: Tired of navigating old lighting tools and toys with only 1 button? Us too! The RGB Critter has 3 illuminated buttons for you to easily navigate all features and functions. Light Painters: There is also an option to turn the Critter on with the button lights off (phew!).


    First, of it's kind, the RGB Critter features a sound reactivity system that allows you to adjust the sensitivity to match the sound intensity of your environment.


    We went even further and added a movement sensor, making the Critter an extension of your body controlled by your movements. You will have the option to either change the brightness of the RGB LED depending on the speed of your movements, or to have the Critter show light when you move.

    179% FUNDED ON

    After 4 years of development and a successful Kickstarter campaign in which we raised over $143,000, we are thrilled to share the World's most feature-loaded color changing flashlight, the RGB Critter - Feature loaded with programmable color modes plus sound and movement reactivity functionality.

    18650 Battery Capacity


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