Sol Saber 2.0 Change Length (Upgrade)

KICKSTARTER BACKERS: Change the length of your Sol Saber by adding any of these items to your cart- Additional shipping fees may apply (This is only an upgrade option this product does not include a Sol Saber Accessory). 

Please do not add this product to your cart if you are not a Kickstarter backer.

sol-saber-2-0 gif

The default option on our Kickstarter campaign for the Sol Saber 2.0 Accessory is 24 inches. Change your Sol Saber 2.0 length by adding any of these items to your cart. Change the quantities of the upgrades if you need to upgrade multiple Sol Saber 2.0's.

Additional shipping fees apply to 30 inches and 36 inches.

Light Painting example pictures by (with model):

Russell Kilmas | | @lightnlens


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