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Modular Flow Saber

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8 Inch (20cm)
Length and Variation
Plastic Cap
Modular Cap


The Modular Cap is a backordered product. If your order includes the Modular Cap, it will ship Tuesday, July 23.


Modular Flow Saber Accessory

Modular Flow Sabers are threaded on each end, providing an opportunity to "Critter Stack" our accessories and RGB Critters or mix and match color combinations for next-level light paintings. Critter Stacking opens up a world of creative possibilities for light painters to explore!

This product features the Modular Flow Saber Accessory, which can be attached to the RGB Critter BT flashlight for illumination (the RGB Critter is NOT included).

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Comparing Our Different Saber Options

Our Saber products are designed for full contact sparing, flow arts, and light painting photography.

The Flow Saber is the base model of our light saber products. It has a traditional design with light evenly distributed throughout the length of the Saber blade. All our Flow Sabers (Flow, Honeycomb, Butterfly, Hive, Stellar) have the same robust and super-durable construction and are made from impact-resistant polycarbonate tubes. 

Our limited lifetime warranty policy covers all of our Saber products. The only difference between them is that some of our Flow Sabers have a laser-cut design built into their blades. When turned, the Sabers with the laser-cut designs emit light in a geometric pattern along the length of the blades.


Flow Saber Packages

Order a Flow Saber and the RGB Critter BT together to maximize your savings! Click here to learn more.


New Silicone Modular Cap 

The Modular Cap is a durable and soft silicone cap with a threaded aluminum base that easily screws onto the RGB Critter Flashlights and Modular Saber products. The Modular Cap is compatible with the RGB Critter's End Cap and all Modular Flow Saber variations.


Modular Flow Saber Accessory Specs

  • Light weight at 5 ounces (24" (61cm) version)
  • Available Lengths: 8" (20cm), 12" (31cm), 24" (61cm), 30" (76cm), 36" (92cm), 47" (120cm)
  • Threaded on both ends to connect with the RGB Critter and AOAM's twist-on accessories.
  • Removeable cap with reflector included.
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate tube.
  • Super bright with evenly diffused light along the sides of the blade.

Pixel Light Material

The Pixel Light Material option includes a reflective material that runs lengthwise within the Modular Flow Saber and reflects light towards your camera which increases the overall brightness of your exposure. The Pixel Light Material will prevent light from emitting from 1/2 of the Modular Flow Saber.


Join us on Facebook where we host a group for Light Painters who create artwork using the RGB Critter. In this group you will have the opportunity to learn new tips and techniques and ask questions about the RGB Critter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Chris Hodgson
Sol saber

Luv them

Marcel Kirchner

The modular sol savers have been a great addition to my light painting kit. Lightweight and very well thought out and made. I can’t wait to get a couple more sizes!

Gordon Williams
A welcome addition.

The Sol Saber has a lot of light painting possibilities. The light patterns of the Critter will take a while to memorize ( some favorites at least ), but that's part of the fun. So far, I'm loving it.

Modular Sol Saber

I really like the Modular Sol Saber. The end of it can be removed to add more accessories. It's perfect for light painting!

JJ Richards
So much fun to use

The modular sol Saber and other Ants of a melon light painting gear is awesome and opens the door to so many options for creative photography