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User Guides


  • Basics [2.0]

  • 9 Modes [2.0]


  • Settings [2.0]

  • Programming [2.0]

  • SPECIFIC [2.0]


Getting Started: Important Information and Notices

RGB Critter Parts and Charging

Basic Functionality [2.0]

Auto-play (Rainbow Road) [2.0]

Settings Explained [2.0]

Basics [2.0]

Lock/Unlock buttons

Soft Reset (If you're lost, do this)


What's the Main Menu?

How to enter playlist of a mode (m1–m9)

What happens when I enter a playlist?

Exit playlist and return to the Main Menu (m1–m9)

Speed Control

PWM and Analog

9 Modes [2.0]

What's a mode?

How do I find the 39 solid color options?

How do I find more fade modes?

How many presets are in the Rainbow Road's (m9) playlist?

Autoplay (Rainbow Road)

Do you have a graphic of all of the different presets?


Is there a Momentary Press feature?

How do I turn off the button LEDs?

We recommend using the Critter's Analog feature for light painting.

Settings [2.0]

What are the Settings?

How do I enter Settings?

Why are the buttons blinking?

How to view the Setting options

Each Setting has a color indicator

What Settings are adjustable?

How do I save a Setting?

How do I exit Settings (with or without a saved Setting)?

How do I deactivate a Setting?

Programming [2.0]

How do I create my own mode or preset?

How do I exit programming?

How do I choose my colors?

How do I save my final color selection?

How do I change the speed of my customized mode?

How do I save my mode after I have adjusted the speed?

Where does my preset go after I complete theprogramming sequence?

How do I delete a preset?

How to send your favorite presets to the Rainbow Road (m9).


How do I adjust the brightness level?

How do I add a strobe to a solid color?