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BitWhip Accessory

Bitwhip Accessory
Bitwhip Fiber Optic Whips
Bitwhip Fiber Count Comparison
Bitwhip Light Painting Rgb Flashlight
Bitwhip Light Painting
Bitwhip  Fiber Accessory - Light Toy
Bitwhip  Accessory LIght Blue
Bitwhip Accessory
Bitwhip Glitter Rgb Pink
Orbit Bitwhip Accessory
$29.00 Sale price
140 Standard Fibers
Fiber Count


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Fyber Kit Accessory

The brightest DIY fiber optic costume kit available!

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Jupiter Rope Accessory

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Pull-String Bag

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The BitWhip Accessory requires the RGB Critter Flashlight in order to light up. We offer a discounted package that includes the BitWhip Accessory and RGB Critter here.

BitWhip Accessory

Easily the brightest light whip on the planet, our BitWhip product is a super durable fiber optic whip made from the softest end-glow fibers cut into layered lengths of up to 5.5 feet (168cm).

The BitWhip Accessory requires the RGB Critter BT Flashlight in order to light up (this product does NOT include the RGB Critter Flashlight).

Save money when you purchase the RGB Critter BT and BitWhip Accessory together in the BitWhip BT Package.

Choose from 140, 200, and 300 fiber whips heads

  • The more fibers = the brighter it is
  • The more fibers = the less you care if some fibers break
  • Fiber head weights: 140 fibers (3.8oz), 200 fibers (4.2oz), 300 fibers (8oz)
  • RGB Critter weight: 8oz
  • The "uncut" fiber option includes fibers that are all 5.5 feet in length


BitWhip Accessory Specs

  • 75mm end glow fiber optics (tips glow)
  • 140, 200, or 320 fibers
  • Available in sparkle and non-sparkle fibers (sparkle fibers more prone to breaking)
  • Untrimmed fiber heads include fibers that are all 5.5 feet long, allowing you to cut the fibers to your desired length
  • Fiber length varies - Max length of 5.5 feet (168cm)
  • Built-in bearing for 360-degree rotation

Introducing Glitter Bomb!

The most rotating fibers known to mankind has arrived! The absolute behemoth BitWhip Accessory known as Glitter Bomb with a whopping 310 fibers is available for purchase and it's available in both sparkle and non-sparkle fibers.

Sparkle Fiber Heads Available Now!

Sparkle fibers show tiny twinkling lights along the length of the end glow fibers. Sparkle Fibers are more prone to breaking. Please be gentle with the Sparkle Fiber version of the BitWhip to avoid unwanted breakage of fibers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Rachel Arceo
Good for serious flow

I’ve bought several different pixel whips in the past five years because I like to do double pixel whips for flow dancing. AOAM light whips are the best on the market in my personal opinion. The handle design, the fiber texture, and of course the RGB light is definitely a cut above. I have over the years, had some mechanical issues, but mostly due to my own abuse of the RGB critter (I like to flow hard). I’ve been able to easily send my Critters in for maintenance. I love these so much I often let other pixel whip dancers try mine at raves and relish when their eyes get so big and amazed as they feel the difference. There is a big difference. These truly flow.


Loved this whip since March 29th but it’s already broken (may 11). you only have 30 days to register for a warranty. It’s unfortunate that I probably won’t buy aoam again.

Hi Cassandra, I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with your RGB Critter! Your RGB Critter 2.0 is automatically registered under warranty and we would be happy to help you troubleshoot your Critter. Please feel free to contact us, or check out the troubleshooting guide on our website (search for troubleshooting within the search bar).

Abigail K

I feel invincible when I use this


Absolutely LOVE the 300 count, it was heavier than what I expected but makes fiber wielding easier with the weight. And the sparkle?!! Chefs kiss 👌😮‍💨 I do have to add, the sparkle fiber breaks WAY easier/faster than the standard count. But the sparkle effects is well worth it. Especially with being able to order a fiber head replacement!

Hailey Miller
Buttons not working

The buttons on the LED handle are not working after just two weeks of having it. I emailed a video. I’m really sad because I was saving for this for a while. I have other whips but this was the most expansive so I expected more. Hoping it was just a glitch and I can get it replaced. 🥲

We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with the buttons on your BitWhip Package. We appreciate you reaching out to us and providing a video to show the issue. We recommend initiating a factory reset on your RGB Critter (turn Critter off and hold all 3 buttons until you see a rainbow burst) and if this doesn't solve the issue, please send us an email at We would be happy to help you troubleshoot this issue.
Chris, Customer Service Team


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