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Based on 167 reviews
Incredible!- Love our Pixel Fibre Ballerinas

Just created 5 gorgeous ballerina tutus with this incredible kit. Did a bridal entrance and several performances already. Such great quality, amazing service and beautifully packaged! Can't wait to create more magic with such a high quality product. YouTube video placeholder

Okay... when I saw this on my fyp, I thought no way these colours are THAT pretty and vibrant.
I have been using my first cheap ledwhip because I just starten out, but I fell in love with it. Once I saw this whip I needed to have it and quite immediately ordered my very own critter 2.0 with 140 fibers. I am from the NL, but it reached me in one week! I couldn't wait to try it out and I was not disappointed. SO many colour options and I am not even done exploring the whole thing. Also the fibers were different than the ones from my cheap whip. These glide more easily, and feel softer. They wrap better around your body and you can do more tricks with this whip. Who knew that the fibers would make such a difference! The grip is very nice as well. It has, as they already described, the perfect grip weight. Not too heavy but definitely not too light. The rubber makes it easy to hold on to.
I am SO excited to shoot some videos for my Instagram and tiktok to show everyone how much I love this whip already!
Check out some videos I made with this whip on my tiktok: @Jinx.xxy

Perfect flashlight for light painting

I’ve been light painting for around 8 years now and have accumulated a good number of flashlights and tools over this time, the RGB Critter is by far the most versatile flashlight I have owned and makes my light painting such a fun experience but what makes it even better is the team behind it, they obviously care about their customers and make you feel part of their community.

Original Backer

Love the upgrade here, my second critter and loving the new firmware.

Iason Kalapothakis


Juan José Cazorla Gacia
140 fibras en convinacion con critter rgb,

Brutal 140 fibras en convinacion co critter RGB, en el proximo pedido me pido uno de 310 para rellenar mas rapido, doble de fibras doble diversion.

Juan José Cazorla Gacia
Excelente desde el minuto 1 de uso.

Excelente herramienta de luz desde el primer minuto su manejo y resultados son Brutales.

Amazing Whip!

I love the Ants on a Melon BitWhip package! The fibers move so fluidly and look stunning with all levels of flow! I didn’t even feel the need to cut these fibers. And the way the light cascades down the fibers is BEAUTIFUL! By far my favorite whip of the higher quality light whips out there.

Great light painting tool

Compact and fun to use once you familiarize yourself with it. Customer service is great, and tutorial videos are helpful! I only wish the Critter was slightly more powerful. Especially as certain colors are darker. I use mine for illuminating the subject rather than towards the lens. Overall, I do recommend this tool.

Bit Whip Package

I have had three different light whips prior to discovering AOAM. After a few weeks of using it I can genuinely this is the best and my most favorite light whip to date. It’s got amazing features, the lights are the brightest I’ve seen and so many beautiful light playlists, the feel and touch of the fibers are strong yet they flow beautifully. I love the silicon handle and the lock mode because now when I’m doing wielding my color mode won’t change it I accidentally hit the button. It’s a 10/10 whip and many different fiber count options!

Best Whip EVER

The best investment I’ve ever made. I’ve only had this whip for a few months now, but the high quality of this product is evident! There are so many different colors, it’s programmable, and the brightest whip I’ve ever seen! I am super happy with the bitwhip!

Yet more cool AOAM kit! See

My third order and I'm very impressed with the service and quality of the kit.
The build standard is very good and the kits works so well in the field.
I have yet to try my new kit as I'm unwell but tomorrow I'll be out there light painting.

galang Pham


Juan José Cazorla Gacia
Slugger blade una suavidad brutal

Slugger Blade una suavidad y textura brutal, con el tamaño justo y perfectamente manejable , permite llenar grandes espacios con pocos trazos e incluso pintar grandes esferas sin ningún esfuerzo, asi como auyentar algun animal nocturno, si el momento lo precisa.

Slugger Blade a brutal softness and texture, with the right size and perfectly manageable, allows you to fill large spaces with few strokes and even paint large spheres without any effort, as well as scare away any nocturnal animal if the moment requires it.

Echo Thomson
Bitwhip critter review:)

Hello 🤍 I have been with this company since launch supporting your products and I have always been really amazed and in love with anything that came into my hands but I would like to ask why the casings for the whips are more soft? It’s very easy to damage the internal thread for the end piece which can cave into the plastic bit holding the battery down which causes it to snap because the part of plastic that clasps it is very small. I do use my whip as a rope dart in some ways so I didn’t qualify for the life time support (honestly makes sense and I’m not upset at all about this) so I just bought another one. I’ll definitely be more mindful moving forward but I do wish they were durable like the previous version because it’s just such a great feature to have.

Hi Echo, Thank you for your review and your support over the years! I'm sorry to hear that your Critter is damaged. We recommend always having the aluminum End Cap installed to prevent denting to the threading on the aluminum housing. Even though this type of damage isn't covered under warranty, we will still offer repairs for pretty much any damage that isn't covered under warranty. Please feel free to reach out to us at and send us a picture of the damage.

Have not received yet

Always creative

I now have collected a variety of AOM accessories for my light painting photography, and have shared with others in local clubs and these things are a huge hit with all involved. I will be using the new longer Sol Sablers for a light painting workshop with a local photography club this Friday and we have a lot of eager members that want to see, touch and use the RGB Critter and tools. .

Brittney DeRoo
Great quality

I love it!! It’s so smooth and colors are so vibrant. Easy to use and the instructions are easily accessible

Raised buttons are a must!

The shell fits great. It was quite a struggle to swap them out, but that's just because it has to be such a snug fit. Once i was able to do it, I was so thankful to have the raised buttons. The buttons are literally impossible to fine in the dark when they're not raised.

Clair Acres
Complete Critter

What can I say, wow! This torch is fantastic, I highly recommend it!

Freedom to create

This tool allows my creativity to flow as it is easy to use. I have found it easy to utilize my own DIY tubes and blades.
Love it

Peter Wood
Perfect Critter!

I've been using my complete Critter for a few weeks now and I love it!
I did struggle with the controls initially but now - there is no stopping me.
The colours are rich and the range of pre sets impressive ( although I have my faves!)
The system is a dream to use and everything feels very sturdy and comfortable to use.
I'm developing my own style and the Critter and co are really helping - so much so, I've just ordered another and a few more bits 😀

Crista Mays
Review of BitWhip Package from Ants on a Melon

10/10 would recommend I purchased the 320 fiber glitter bomb package and it is absolutely amazing i use it every single day and the shipping was super fast will definitely be purchasing from you guys again.

Shana Brushaber

This is perfect for Spirograph

Dave Huelin

Very happy with it