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Can I upgrade my RGB Critter 1.0 or 2.0 to work with the new app?

Can I trade in my old RGB Critter for store credit?

Are my accessories compatible with the RGB Critter BT?

International Orders: Will I have to pay import duties?

Where can I find the RGB Critter User Manual?

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Based on 437 reviews
BitWhip Package

Loved this whip since March 29th but it’s already broken (may 11). you only have 30 days to register for a warranty. It’s unfortunate that I probably won’t buy aoam again.

unreliable shipping and service

You lied on the delivery data so I couldn't get the package, also dont have a way to return it cause I'm not in the country anymore. Good jib

Return Postage (small)
Michelle Silva
Never got it

Been waiting for it but no sign of it and now past the 30 days to exhange my item:(

Modular Lumi Saber
Craig Roberts
Great Sabers!

I love these. I made a mistake and used the scrolling pics to click on the lengths I wanted...I didn't realize I had to re-choose in my cart so I wound up with 4 of the same length rather than the multiple lengths I wanted....but they're great!

I feel invincible when I use this

RGB Critter 2.0 Flashlight
Paulo Ferreira
An Amazing Flashlight for Lightpainting

The RGB Crittter is a fantastic flashlight with immense potential for lightpainting. With the RGB Crittter it is no longer necessary to introduce color filters between the flashlight and accessories, thus making the lightpainting process simpler and more fluid. The presence of several presets, such as fade and strob, allows you to create fantastic lightpainting effects in a simple, quick and effective way.I love mine and I've already taken fantastic lightpainting photos with it.

RGB Critter 2.0 Flashlight
Alan Meek
RGB Critter 2

Bought as a second unit to supplement my light painting equipment

End Cap
Infsol Inc.

Good stufff

Absolutely LOVE the 300 count, it was heavier than what I expected but makes fiber wielding easier with the weight. And the sparkle?!! Chefs kiss 👌😮‍💨 I do have to add, the sparkle fiber breaks WAY easier/faster than the standard count. But the sparkle effects is well worth it. Especially with being able to order a fiber head replacement!

BitWhip Package
Hailey Miller
Buttons not working

The buttons on the LED handle are not working after just two weeks of having it. I emailed a video. I’m really sad because I was saving for this for a while. I have other whips but this was the most expansive so I expected more. Hoping it was just a glitch and I can get it replaced. 🥲

We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with the buttons on your BitWhip Package. We appreciate you reaching out to us and providing a video to show the issue. We recommend initiating a factory reset on your RGB Critter (turn Critter off and hold all 3 buttons until you see a rainbow burst) and if this doesn't solve the issue, please send us an email at We would be happy to help you troubleshoot this issue.
Chris, Customer Service Team

Lumi Saber Accessory
Martin Schiefer
Mega Cool tool

Easy to connect to the RGBCritter and give marvelous effects

RGB Critter 2.0 Flashlight
Martin Schiefer
A lot fun

Real top product and it was a good idea to purchase

BitWhip Package
Martin Schiefer
Really cool stuff

made a lot fun and I need more practice

Fyber Kit Package
Kelly Schroeder
ONE major thing missing.

Hi, I really really like my bitwhip. Its really well made and strong. The only thing that REALLY upset me to the point of me wanting to return it was not realising (not your fault but my own) it did not have a 360 swivel head. This makes the many fibers really hard to lightdance with. Not impossible but just not as enjoyable. Otherwise its a great whip. I will keep it and still use it but probably not to dance with, sadly.

thanks a lot. Please do make a swivel head for the unit :)

Hey Kelly!

Thanks for your feedback. The Fyber Kit is designed for customing purposes and for this reason we don't include a swivel head with this fiber optic bundle. We recommend taking a look at the BitWhip Package and BitWhip Accessories. All of these products are design for flow arts and include a built-in swivel bearing that allows your fibers to rotate.

Here are links to the products:

BitWhip Package
Charles Crowder
Such Fun!

I cannot compare this to other whip type flow toys, as I have not played with others.
This one is Freaking Awesome! It is extremely bright (I purchased the package with the 200 strand whip), even visible in daylight! The battery lasts for a very long time AND is removable, so if you already have a charger for 18650 cells, you can play nonstop!!! The "flashlight" part seems super durable, made with machined metal encased in a rubber sleeve/armor.
With only 3 buttons, navigating its controls are a bit overwhelming, but even before I found all the "playlists" I was already thrilled with the patterns.

Excelente producto

Compré el lumi saber para regalar a mi esposo por aniversario, y tengo que decir que es un accesorio muy bien hecho y me ha encantado, además que cumplieron muy bien con los plazos de entrega.

Light Painting Kit - Deluxe
Jz Aamir
Fantastic Kit

All the products are well crafted and neatly done, light painting possibilities becomes limitless, The torch is amazing, Will take sometime to understand buttons but overall a very good quality products. I’m happy with my purchase.


Love the illuminator to help direct light only where I want it.

Great accessory to my Critter 2.0

Poor service

Sent a question. Never got a response:(

Hi Alex,

Could you please send us an email and let us know how we can be of assistance? We also recommend checking your spam folder for any emails we may have sent you (this happens from time-to-time).

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime at


AOAM Support

BitWhip Package
Crista Mays

BitWhip Package

BitWhip Package

Absolutely love this whip. I’ve had a gloFX standard whip, which died on me within 6 months, then I bought a $50 dollar Amazon replacement that did the job and was sturdy enough, but didn’t have very many light settings. But this one is absolutely amazing, both on functionality and performance. It only took me a couple days to figure out the different settings.

RGB Critter 2.0 Flashlight
Theresa Leone
Beautiful Vibrant Colors!!

Love using my RGB Critter 2.0, the colors are so crisp and vibrant! There are so many colors to choose from you don’t need any additional color attachments. Very well made and easy to handle. A fabulous addition to my Light Painting tools!!

RGB Critter 2.0 Flashlight
Evan Splett
Potentialy very useful, but very hard to configure.

Hi, there is no customs duty on goods shipped from the US to Canada,
but UPS still nailed me with an $80 customs broker fee.

I am having a hell of a time trying to configure the RGB Critter.
Particularily adjusting the brightness level.

Hi Evan, I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing difficulty accessing the brightness control feature on the RGB Critter. You can find specific instructions for how to adjust the brightness on the User Guides page (link below). Go to --> '2.0 Instructions' -->Settings --> '(specific) How to adjust the brightness level'.

User Guide page:

If you're still experiencing difficulties, please feel free to reach out to us at We're always happy to help!