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Based on 355 reviews
BitWhip Accessory
Tiffanie Junkersfeld
Not super impressed

The handle is heavy kinda inconvenient doesn’t make sense to me to have to be that heavy when the glofx ones are way lighter and only do one thing different

So much fun

It was really hard to work out perspective in which to use it but after long try and error night it is SSSOOOOO FREAKIIING COOOOL

Excellent service - highly recommend

Delivery was super fast and 10 days before expected - customer service has been excellent. I haven't used it you but looking forward to learning the techniques

The whip got to me broken and after outrun I the battery into my whip it didn’t work and I was unfable to use it during the festival… both items came defaulted..

Hi Ash,

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your products. I checked our email account and I'm not seeing any emails from you in regards to the issues you're experiencing. I went ahead and sent you an email now to see if we can help you troubleshoot these issues. Please feel free to reach out to us any time for assistance, we're always happy to help!

Not working

Arrived safe in great packaging. Followed instructions EXACTLY, charged fully with provided USB cable. Buttons light up when the power switch is on, but the light does not. Exchanged emails with customer support, confirmed the light is not working. Still waiting for free return shipping postage…did not realize I had to “purchase” it to process the order.

Lumi Saber Package
Kevin Clark
Awesome flashlight. Gives lots of options. Still learning the controls.

Can immediately get some awesome effects, Take a while to learn how to get to where you want to be. But is a lean as you go. Perfect long term investment. So Amesome I purchased a second some to really up my light painting game. Great quality. Used other branded systems. Like the durablty of the screw in style instead of the more generic rubber connector. Both have their place.

This fiberhead is absolutely beautiful in person!

BitWhip Accessory
Love the Sparkle!!

When I first bought my critter the 140 and 310 were the only available so I got a 310. It was my first ever whip and after practicing I figured I’d get a slimmer one, the 200 makes such a big difference and is much smoother to handle. I love how bright it is compared to the non sparkle fibers. I love ants on a melon I highly recommend and will keep using this brand!

My third Critter!

First one, then two, now three. Why three? I love how inventive the Ants on a Melon company is with their connective modular system I experienced the potential of using two lights this past year and decided after seeing some of Stephen Knight's work that I needed to add a third Critter to my collection. Way to go, AOAM! Love it!

Meh not worth the extra money in my mind

Hi Riley,

Thank you for your feedback. The reason the Light Painting Blades - Pro are more expensive than the Light Painting Blades is because of the amount of time that the laser cutter is used to create the parts. Some of the Light Painting Blades - Pro take over 30 minutes to cut, while the Light Painting Blades (less detailed products), take only a few minutes. Also, if you're ever unsatisfied with a product you receive from us, please feel free to reach out to us to return the products. We accept returns within 30 days if returned in 100% new condition.

I like the clear blades better


I like the versatility of the RGB Critter 2.0 from colors and functioning. Now that I have 2 of them and can connect them both with the new modular sabers and New Blades I have even more versatility and creative affects to look forward to.

BitWhip Package
Kayla Serrano

BitWhip Package

Modular Sol Saber
JJ Richards
So much fun to use

The modular sol Saber and other Ants of a melon light painting gear is awesome and opens the door to so many options for creative photography

Light Painting Blade Holder
Marie-Chantal Clément

Ridiculoustly small for the price

Hi Marie-Chantal,

Thank you for your feedback. We also offer the Light Painting Blade Holder as a discounted item when you order (1) Light Painting Blade and (1) Light Painting Blade Holder together. Here's the product page for the Light Painting Blades:


We also offer the Light Painting Blade Holder as a discounted product in our Adapter Combo Pack which you can find here:


I am UK based, and my order was shipped using UPS Expedited. The tracking updated me on every stage of its journey across the globe and arrived in good time.
The package looks awesome, and I can't wait to use my critter 2! The quality and options available are on another level.
So, from across the pond, a big thank you to your aoam team..😃 ☆☆☆☆☆


I have owned many different types of whips but this one is THE best by far. I have the Jupitor Rope and the 200 standard fiber. No other whip is as bright, and has audio and motion sensing. I always get attention no matter where I go with these beauties. Thank you Ants on a Melon!

Light Painting Blades
Brian Bartlett
Light paint blades

I love the color and crispness of the blade.

ITS AMAZING!!! sO many color options and the programming is easy to follow, strobe effects are 10/10. i wouldn’t trade my purchase for anything

My Critters 2,0

The AOAM Critter 2.0 flashlight I received is the best multicolor flashlight I have ever used. The buttons are the right size, perfectly placed, the blade adapter is delicate and small for my large hands, but I can handle it. I like the DIY holder because I used this holder to upgrade my own flashlight blade. You have a lot of variety and I plan to buy some more in the future.

3050mAh 18650 Battery
Meghan Reeves
Absolutely great to have on backup

I made a costume using the fyber kit and is listed on fade mode for about 5 hours straight at a party. Having the battery ready made it much easier to keep the lights and party going!!

Idk how to work it

It’s difficult to change

First Time User

I bought the Critter on seeing a friend use it for 2 workshops. Fell in love with it after seeing what he created. I am slowly getting used to using it, but love what it can do.

BitWhip Package
Jesi Gurule
Not recieved

I haven’t received my package and I haven’t been able to get a refund or in touch with anyone.

Hi Jesi,

Thank you for your comment. I checked and it looks like we replied to your original email on October 27, 2023. USPS returned your package to us yesterday because the package had an 'insufficient address'. Please check your inbox and spam folder for our emails. Once we hear back from you with the correct address, we will send your package to you once more.

Thank you,

AOAM Support

Pretty but….

I find it annoying that you need a key to open the handle and change batteries, I’m afraid to lose the key. I find it very unnecessary… as well as the size of the lithium battery being different… it would be easier if it was a common one. The colors changing too much, personally sometimes I like whipping with one solid color. Also the buttons are too flat and are easily pressed when I’m whipping and sometimes I’ll turn it off when I don’t mean to….

Hi Jazmin,

Thank you for your review and I'm sorry to hear that you're having difficulty with the Critter Key and the charging process. The top side of the Critter Key has a built-in hole for you to connect the Key to your key chain which will help to make sure you don't misplace the part. The RGB Critter uses unprotected 18650 batteries which means that the batteries do not include hardware that protects the batteries from short circuiting. The RGB Critter has the hardware built-into the flashlight and this allows us to use the shorter and less-expensive unprotected cells.

Please feel free to reach out to us at if you would like help learning how to navigate the different modes of the Critter, we're always happy to help! There are 39 solid color options and 93 other preset patters. To slow down the speed of a mode, simply hold the Rocket button until you reach your desired speed of the mode. Your Critter will now remember the speed of your updated mode.

Additionally, you can find instructional videos, gifs, and graphics for how to use your Critter on this page:

We offer raised and non-raised buttons for our RGB Critter product and the button preference can be selected using the drop down menus on the product page. If you would like to order a silicone Shell with raised buttons, you can order a replacement Shell on this page:

If you're having trouble with the Critter turning off while in use, please feel free to use the lock buttons feature (press the Arrow and Power buttons at the same time). The Critter will flash the color green when the buttons are unlocked and the color red when they are unlocked.

Please let us know if there's ever anything we can assist you with :)

AOAM Support