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Do you have any current promotional offers?

Where can I find the RGB Critter User Manual?

How bright is the RGB Critter?

Do I need an adaptor to connect your accessories to the RGB Critter?

Is the RGB Critter compatible with LPB tools?

How do I determine the exact total length of the RGB Critter LED Staff?

How long will it take my order to ship?

Can I buy your product in Europe or UK?

If I select the Express (overnight) shipping option will I receive my package tomorrow?

(International) Will I be able to track my package?

(International) Can you lower the listed price of the order on the international documents?

(International) How long will it take for my package to be delivered?

What is your return policy?

The product has been lightly used. Can I still return it for a full refund?

What is the return process?

Will I be responsible for shipping costs associated with my return?

I have an old or used product that I purchased from your company. Can I return it for store credit?

What is your Warranty Policy?

Can I spar or battle with my RGB Critter Flashlight and Sol Saber Accessory?

Can I use the RGB Critter and Jupiter Rope Accessory like a Rope Dart (holding fibers and swinging RGB Critter around the body)?

Can I use a different 18650 battery with my RGB Critter Flashlight?

Can I disassemble and modify the RGB Critter?


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