Warranty Info

Any modifications to any of our products will void all warranties.

Customers are responsible for shipping and handling fees on returns. Customers are also responsible for postage fees involved in sending the return back to them.


Ants on a Melon, Inc. will repair or replace any broken Sol Saber™ or Stardust Saber™ product. Cracks along the Saber are not covered under our warranty. 


If any fibers come loose from the BitWhip™ twist-on housing we will repair at no extra cost. After extended periods of use, fibers will become dirty/break and emit less light- our warranty doesn't cover these issues.

Stellar Series Flashlights and Contact Sword Handles

Ants on a Melon, Inc. offers a lifetime warranty on the electronics within the Stellar Series Flashlights and Contact Sword Handles. Any alterations made to the electronics or the use of any other battery than those provided with your order will void our lifetime warranty. Water damage voids any manufacturer warranty.

Physical damage and water damage to electronics voids warranty. You can order new LED boards here: Single Sided LED BoardDouble-Sided LED Board.

Please send the faulty flashlight along with the batteries and charger to one of the addresses on our Returns Page.

Our warranty does not cover dents along the body or the front/threaded end of the Stellar Series Flashlights or Contact Sword Handle. Always make sure to have a BitWhip or Saber Accessory attached to your flashlight or handle while you are playing with your toy. This will prevent the front/threaded end of your flashlight or handle from denting.


We will replace defective batteries and chargers within 30 days of purchase.

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