Fyber Kit Accessory

The Fyber Kit Accessory is a fiber optic costume kit that is perfect for any DIY costume or creative project. It's made up of 360 .75mm end-glow fiber optic fibers that are all 6 feet long. You can cut the fibers to your desired length and they will have the same lighting effect where cut.

The fiber optics are made of high-grade durable material, so they’ll hold up to all kinds of wear and tear. If you’re a futuristic costume designer or prop-maker, you’ll love the infinite possibilities of the Fyber Kit!

The Fyber Kit Accessory requires the RGB Critter Flashlight in order to light up (not included). 


DIY Fiber Optic Costume Tutorials


Fyber Kit vs BitWhip® Accessory

The Fyber Kit is similar to the BitWhip, but it has more fibers (360 vs 140), all of the fibers are 6 feet in length, and the fibers do not rotate.


Fyber Kit Accessory Specs

  • .75mm end glow fibers (tips glow)
  • 360 fibers
  • All fibers 6 feet long
  • Can be cut to the desired length



The RGB Critter is a color-changing flashlight (torch) that threads at the lens. Accessories from the RGB Critter product line are also threaded. You attach them to the RGB Critter by twisting them into the front end of the RGB Critter. When the RGB Critter is turned on, it will light up the accessory that is attached.
Yes, all of our accessories are universally interchangeable with the RGB Critter Flashlight. 
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(Domestic) We accept returns for full refunds if the return is received within 30 days of receipt of your original order. (International) We accept returns for full refunds if the return is received within 30 days of initial shipment of your order.
We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the RGB Critter Flashlight. You can view the entire warranty policy here.
Yes, our Critter Connector does just this! Remove the End Cap from both RGB Critters and connect them by twisting on the Critter Connector.


No, this product only includes the FYBER KIT Accessory. This is a twist-on accessory for our RGB Critter Flashlight — It will not light up with our the RGB Critter. If you would like to order this accessory combined with the RGB Critter Flashlight, use the search bar to find "FYBER KIT PACKAGE".
The FYBER KIT is comprised of 360 end glow fibers that are locked into our Universal Threaded Connector. All fibers are 6 feet (183 cm) in length. The FYBER KIT was created for DIY applications, such as costumes (dresses and coats) and art installations (art cars and totems).
The FYBER KIT is made up of 360 end glow fibers that are all 6 feet (183 cm) in length. The ORBIT BITWHIP is made up of 140 end glow fibers within a rotating bearing that are cut at various lengths up to 5.5 feet (168 cm).
No, we do not offer this product with custom length options.
Yes, you can cut the fibers to any length using a household pair of scissors. Simply cut the fibers, and they will have the same effect where cut.
End glow fiber optics have memory and will conform to whatever shape they are stored in. We recommend storing your fibers loosely curled within a bag or hanging it straight down from the top of your closet door. See our tutorial on "Fiber Care and Maintenance" and "Transporting and Storing" for more.
Yes. Regular washing is encouraged to keep dirt from diminishing the brightness of the end glow fibers. See our tutorial on "Light Whip Cleaning & Lubrication" for more. 
Your ORBIT BITWHIP or FYBER KIT may develop unwanted curls or straightened fibers. If that's the case, then you'll want to adjust how your end glow fiber optic product is stored. This is because end glow fibers will conform to the shape that they are stored. If you want more curls, then store the fibers curled. If you want straighter fibers, then hang the product from your closet door until the fibers straighten out. 
DO NOT expose them to temperatures that cause the plastic to melt. This will deform the fibers and cause them to bend. If you do want to use heat to manipulate the fibers, use the heat source on a small sample size of the product. If you like the effect, then you can apply it to the rest of the fibers. Melting or bending fibers is not reversible.


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