Orb Accessory - Light Painting Tool

The Orb Accessory is a light diffusing ball that twists into the front of the RGB Critter Flashlight. It's designed for use in long exposure light painting photography and ambient lighting.

The Orb Accessory requires the RGB Critter 2.0 Flashlight in order to light up (not included). 

Light painting artwork: Russell Klimas | @lightnlense


Warranty Notice

Orb Accessories are designed to be used only for use in light painting photography and ambient lighting. These products should not be used as a performance flow prop or for sparring. Use of these products as a performance flow prop could result in damage to the product. Orb Accessories are not covered under warranty.



The RGB Critter is a color-changing flashlight (torch) that threads at the lens. Accessories from the RGB Critter product line are also threaded. You attach them to the RGB Critter by twisting them into the front end of the RGB Critter. When the RGB Critter is turned on, it will light up the accessory that is attached.
Yes, all of our accessories are universally interchangeable with the RGB Critter Flashlight. 
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We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the RGB Critter Flashlight. You can view the entire warranty policy here.
Yes, our Critter Connector does just this! Remove the End Cap from both RGB Critters and connect them by twisting on the Critter Connector.


The ORB Accessory is an opaque ball with a 1.5-inch (3.8 cm) diameter.
This product is designed for use in Light Paintings. Light Paintings are images of light moving across a picture frame in low-light settings. See the example product thumbnail images for more (top of product page). It can also be used for ambient light in your tent.
Unfortunately, no. The ORB Accessory is not designed to be used as a performance prop or similar. It may break if exposed to a large enough impact.
No, there is no extended warranty for the ORB Accessory.