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8" (20CM)


 Modular Lumi Saber Accessory

Engineered for precise light painting photography, Modular Lumi Sabers are constructed with impact-resistant polycarbonate tubing. The dual-layered design creates an interplay of light and shadow, with the inner layer evenly distributing RGB Critter's light, and the outer layer laser-cut to reveal specific points of light.

Modular Lumi Sabers are threaded on each end, providing an opportunity to "Critter Stack" our accessories and RGB Critters or mix and match color combinations for next-level light paintings. Critter Stacking opens up a world of creative possibilities for light painters to explore!

Modular Lumi Saber Accessories require the RGB Critter 2.0 Flashlight in order to light up (not included).

*patent pending*



Limitless Combinations!

Below are some examples of possible stacking configurations using Modular Sabers:

  • Critter --> Modular Saber --> Modular Saber --> Modular Saber (etc.)
  • Critter --> Modular Saber --> (any twist-on accessory)
  • Critter --> Modular Saber --> Critter Connector --> Critter --> Modular Saber (etc.)
  • Critter --> Modular Saber --> Inverse Critter Connector <-- Critter (pointing towards first Critter to mix colors for creating crazy color combos or to match colors for increasing the brightness of the Saber)


Modular Lumi Saber Variations

  • Large Spiral Dots: This Modular Lumi Saber creates similar effects as its counterpart, but the lines and dots are bigger and brighter.

  • Dots Combo: This version has two different sides to choose from. The first side has large dots that are evenly spaced. The other side has smaller dots that gradually grow larger towards the end of the tube. This gradual increase in dot size helps to evenly distribute the brightness of the dots along the length of the Modular Lumi Saber.


Modular Lumi Saber Accessory Specs

  • Light weight at 5 ounces (24" (61cm) version)
  • Available Lengths: 8" (20cm), 12" (31cm), 24" (61cm), 36" (92cm)
  • Threaded on both ends to connect with the RGB Critter and AOAM's twist-on accessories.
  • Super bright with evenly diffused light along the sides of the blade.
  • Modular Lumi Sabers are designed solely for use in light painting photography, they are not designed for sparing/combat or for performance. 

Pixel Light Material

The Pixel Light Material option includes a reflective material that runs lengthwise within the Sol Saber and reflects light towards your camera which increases the overall brightness of your exposure. The Pixel Light Material will prevent light from emitting from 1/2 of the Sol Saber.

Critter Stacking Package

Curious about Critter Stacking? We've created the ultimate discounted package that includes all of the necessary parts for a solid Critter Stack! Learn more here.

Join Our RGB Critter Light Painting Group on Facebook

Join us on Facebook where we host a group for Light Painters who create artwork using the RGB Critter. In this group you will have the opportunity to learn new tips and techniques and ask questions about the RGB Critter.

Light Painting Artwork

Stephen Knight | @stephenk_lightart | Website


With the Critter Connector, you can turn your Sol Saber attachment into a RGB Critter LED Staff. You can even connect two Orbit BitWhips together for a dazzling light show that will be sure to blow away your audience. Any color combination you can imagine is possible with the Critter Connector.