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3050mAh 18650 BATTERY - Ants on a Melon, Inc.

3050mAh 18650 BATTERY

Each replaceable battery provides 3-9 hours of continuous use at full brightess.

RGB CRITTER CASE - Ants on a Melon, Inc.


Heavy duty storage case with zipper for (1) RGB Critter Flashlight.

RGB CRITTER LANYARD - Ants on a Melon, Inc.


The RGB Critter lanyard easily loops into the End Cap of the RGB Critter Flashlight.


RGB Critter® 2.0 Flashlight

*Patent Pending*

The RGB Critter 2.0 is the brightest RGB LED color-changing flashlight (color-changing torch) available. It offers 39 unique colors and 93 presets (patterns). There are three illuminated buttons that can be used to navigate the UI and for accessing all kinds of fun features such as brightness control and strobe speed as well as adjusting preset pattern speeds, sound reactivity, movement reactivity, and more.

At 5.4" long and 1.3" in diameter, the compact and sturdy RGB Critter can easily be held by all hand sizes. The RGB Critter is incredibly durable and you can play with confidence, knowing it's backed by AOAM's industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Named The "Best Color Changing Flashlight"

See why the leading tech authority in light painting names the RGB Critter 2.0 the "Best RGB Color Changing Flashlight" and states "The Ants on a Melon RGB Critter is expected to revolutionize the light painting scene in 2022."


We worked with a dedicated team of Light Painters and Flow Artists to improve the RGB Critter's UI and added a boatload of fun new features to our newest product, the RGB Critter 2.0.

  • Auto-Play: Press the Rocket button 2x, and each of the presets in Mode 9 will automatically play for a specific amount of time (0.25 / 1 / 15 / 30 seconds).
  • New Presets:  -Up from 49, the RGB Critter now has 93 unique presets.
  • Adjust Preset Speeds: Permanently change the speed of any of the 93 presets by holding the Rocket button. Each 1-second hold increases the speed of the preset by 10%. Using this new functionality, you can easily customize the entire RGB Critter.
  • Completely Overhauled Special Features Functionality: These changes make the Special Features easy to learn and use.
  • Momentary Press: When activated, hold the Power button to turn on the RGB Critter's LED and release to turn it off.
  • Single Click On/Off: Click the Power button 1x to turn the RGB Critter on and off. 

Raised Button Shells

Released in November 2022, our Raised Button Silicone Shells offer a new button height of +1mm above the height of the body of the Silicone Shell. This raised button height makes the buttons easier to press and find in the dark!

Over 120 Different Twist-On Accessories

The RGB Critter is threaded at the lens. Accessories from the RGB Critter product line are also threaded. You attach them to the RGB Critter by twisting them into the front end of the flashlight. When the RGB Critter is turned on, it will light up the attached accessory. Choose from 120 unique twist-on Light Painting and Flow Art accessories.

Adaptor Notice

AOAM's Warranty does not cover damage to the RGB Critter caused by third party adaptors or accessories.


The RGB Critter includes our patent pending technology that allows the Critter to drive the LED using either Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) or Analog technologies. All other RGB LED flashlights drive their LED(s) using PWM, which creates unsaturated colors and an undesirable "strobing" effect that can clearly be seen in light paintings (long exposure photography).

The main benefit to using the PWM option are the beautiful "tracers" (small flashes of different colors) that can be seen in our BitWhip® Fiber Optic Whip and Fyber Kit products, both of which are both made up of end-glow fiber optics.

The RGB Critter's Analog option provides a direct electrical current to the LED, which results in the most pure and rich colors possible. If you are a light painter, there is no doubt that you need the option to drive the LED using an Analog signal so that you can create the most vibrant photos possible.

RGB Critter 2.0 Specs

  • Length: 5.4" (137.5mm)
  • Diameter: 1.3" (33mm)
  • Weight: 8oz (includes battery)
  • Power: Replaceable 3050mAh 18650 battery
  • Internal USB charging
  • Can be used with USB power supply connected
  • Aluminum Body + Silicone Shell (multiple color choices)
  • Lanyard Loop Hole Dimensions: 4.5mm (wide) x 6.2mm (tall)
  • 3 illuminated buttons (button LEDs can be tuned off)
  • LED: Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) LED emitters
  • 39 solid color options
  • 93 adjustable presets (9,300 variations of presets can be achieved by simply holding the Rocket button)
  • Built-in microphone for sound reactivity
  • Built-in accelerometer for movement reactivity
  • Max Lumens (color white): 170lm
  • Max runtime at full brightness: 3hr (white), 6-9hr (all other colors and patterns)
  • Max runtime at lowest brightness: 30hr (white), 60-90hr (all other colors and patterns)
  • Threaded lens for twist-on accessories (over 100 options)
  • Threaded tail for Critter Connector
  • Lanyard loop hole built into removable aluminum End Cap
  • Firmware can easily be updated using our RGB Critter Software

Additional Features

  • BATTERY LIFE INDICATOR: The RGB LED will display different colors to indicate the remaining battery life.
  • CONVENIENT RECHARGING: The replaceable 18650 battery is micro-USB rechargeable. When plugged into a power source, the RGB Critter's battery will fully charge then switch to direct power for continuous use. The battery will fully charge in under 2 hours when plugged into a wall outlet adapter and under 6 hours when plugged into a computer port.

18650 Battery Information

  • Each RGB Critter includes one replaceable 3050mAh 18650 lithium ion battery that provides between 3-9 hours of use at full brightness.
  • The battery will last 3 hours using the color white and between 6-9 hours using all other solid colors and presets.

Programming Features

  • 24 COLOR SLOTS: Each mode can be customized with up to 24 unique colors.
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLORS: Choose from a palette of 39 unique color options (including black).
  • SELECT YOUR SPEED: Once you have your colors chosen, you can select your speed (1%-100%).



Based on 97 reviews

I ordered a couple of these to make my own blades and they worked out great. You just glue in your new blade in and screw it in to the CRITTER and its solid. And its made of quality aluminum so it just screws right in to the CRITTER.

Nicole Martin

I’ve been using fiber optic whips for two years and the bitwhip by AOAM is hands down the most durable and bright whip out there. I love that you can custom program your own colors and it’s a great flow toy to impress any audience!! I love the versatility of the prop and can’t wait to add more tools to work play with. Thank you!

Sage Lucas
Bit Whip 1.0 to 2.0

I have been a fiber optics whipper for over two years. My first baby was a GloFX, but once I dove in I found AOAM (Ants on a melon). I saw how amazing the fibers, lighting, and accessories were. It’s worth the investment of a flow toy.
When I finally made the investment it paid off. I got 2 whips, 2 batteries and chargers, a connector piece to make 1 super long whip.
I even bought the bit whip with the 1.0 and due to the release time frame had it upgraded to 2.0 for free.
I also didn’t follow the instructions and left the cap out of the handle, bent the handle and had it replaced within less than a week for under $30.

I love this company and products. I heavily recommend AOAM if you are a flowmie.

Wow! Amazing!

The quality is amazing, really feels and works like a professional piece of kit. The light and computer are so powerful in the critter 2.0

Almost great

I have no complaints about the quality of the case. It seems like it will hold up and protect the critter, so that's great. My only complaint (and I'm only bringing it up as it seems like something that could be a product modification in the future) is that the key to open the critter doesn't fit inside the case. The key is such a small accessory and it just seems like something that she be kept with the critter. I like that there's a little pouch in the case that I can fit the charging cord in, and I'm just barely able to get the lanyard in there, but it seems there could be a way to configure a little pouch or extension to fit the key. Something for R&D to consider maybe? :)

So Bright!

We’re going to a rave later this month and I wanted to make a costume with fiber optic lights. I bought a few options and tested their brightness and quality and this light package was superb. I’m so excited to share the final product.


This critter is lovely and bright, totally the best for light painting.


Great blade thank you.

Great addition to my LP kit

After an initial problem with only part of my purchase being sent, I can't praise the AOAM team enough for putting my order right.
I played with the controls which are a little complicated but I went out last night and created a few images and am very happy!
The Critter offers a whole range of colours and modes in one quality torch and the screw on tools are if high quality and a perfect match to the Critter.
Back out tonight for more light painting fun, thank you Ants for a superb product.

Great product

I enjoy the Bitwhip package so much. I was fun to try out the movements and learn some new movements. I can't wait to practice with it more and learn all the cool moves and tricks with it.

Best whips in the game

These whips are so damn nice. I love how long they are and all the different colors. They’re also hella sturdy. Best whips you can get in my opinion :) absolutely worth the money

Awesome tool

I have the 140 fiber tool and it was perfect for what I wanted to do. They can be trimmed to the size you want which is great and the swivel keeps the curls facing the direction I want as I turn the hand holding the critter.

Dalena T.
Feelin extra cool

It's the brightest whip on the market hands down. There's so many different color modes, and you can customize each mode and save it a bunch of times. So you can have multiple favorite modes saved. I literally don't have to choose just one for each mode, it's so cool. I love bringing it to shows too. So far I'm the only one I've met with this baby where I'm from and I must say, it makes me feel cool(er) :)

Zaelah Soulfire
In looove

This whip is my dream come true.its exactly what ive needed. Its like the FF and GloFx whip had a much more attractive and talented child. I've had nothing but problems with glofx and FF for the last year when i first got them: to the button clickers breaking so i cant even turn it on, unable to program, unable to shut off without unscrewing it and taking that battery out. Batteries dying and burning out, the chargers not working, the threads being really brittle, the grips rolling off, and the circuit board shorting out if I try to change between the modes too quickly. I must have had to replace The glofx at least 5 times and the FF whip twice. Ive only had 1 issue with the aoam programming but it was just because I suck at programming. I didn't even know glfx had 3 programmable colors bc it never said anywhere that it was possible. I learned it on accident trying to find comparison videos to learn which to better suit my videos. I'd still take this one in a heartbeat though. Imo the BRIGHTNESS alone is worth it since I dance in the dark.

This thing is THICK!!!

I've purchased a lot of blades and attempted to make my own blades. When i say that the 9" Digital Feather is the THICKEST blades I've ever seen, held, used....etc!! When I say this blade is bright and holds the REALLY holds the light!! When it's paired with the AOAM Critter....magic happens!!! If the rest of the blades are this thick, I'll eventually buy all of them.

Good things come in small packages

So I bought the 8" Sol Saber, and i have to admit, I kinda looked at sideways when i first opened it up.....but after I used it........I carry this tool EVERYWHERE with me now. I can bang out a quick piece in no time and be on to the next spot in minutes. It's size is very deceiving, but trust and believe I have produced images that look HUGE with this saber. It small but built tough, lightweight, and it's really bright. I definitely recommend you add the 8" saber to your light painting'll be glad you did.

Wonderful tool

I purchased the sol saber in 2 lengths, 8" and 24", and both go everywhere with me. They are fun to use on their own or with added materials inside or outside to make different effects. Making modifications to them has been a lot of fun!

Great for light painting

I really like the way the ants on a melon dusters move. Just the right amount of springiness. Better than the competition.

Icetre Normal

I purchased the Hive pattern 24" Lumi Sabre as a trial for my girlfriend who adores anything that lights up and blinks. She loved it! I found the sabre to be brighter than I expected. In terms of movement, I find it very refined and well balanced, yet light and maneuverable.

I liked it so much, I bought 2 more of them, in the 36" size to complete all her pattern set.

She finds them useful for light painting as well as prop work as a staff.

Pretty Cool Tool

I've used several different kinds of light tubes, and I have to say; initially i didnt see a difference between a regular tube and the Butterfly Lumi Saber.....that was until I looked at my images. I was completely blown away first and foremost at the texture of the light painting images I was able to create, the build quality and overall construction is top notch, I do have to work the threads a little to get the saber to attach to the Critter, but once it's on's ON THERE!!! The saber is really light....I mean REALLY light, like i almost threw it in a tree while i was swinging it around....I guess I was a little too! I definitely would recommend the AOAM tools to any and all levels of light painters and light dancers.


I purchased the Lumi Saber butterfly pattern. Let me start by saying the product is made with premium material. This is a great addition to my light painting tools. The size is perfect and I am very happy with my purchase. I highly recommend the Lumi Saber.

This thing is sweet!

The whip is INCREDIBLE! So eye-catching, and fibers are super smooth and bright. All of the modes of the critter make this thing really shine. The controls can be a little tricky to learn but that's not really a negative because it reflects the number of awesome features of the device. Definitely better than other brands by far!

Love it

I love this whip! I had another one from another company & this one is way better. It is so much brighter & more colorful. I am so happy with this whip. I even purchased the glitter bomb accessory. This whip is worth every penny.

Long Overdue Review

This review is long overdue, I've had my Critter for probably 3 months now and I've got to say that this has to be the BEST flashlight I've used in my short time as a light painter. It eliminates the need for attaching color filters in my plexi, the various colors and speed modes are easy to navigate once you learn how to do it. I'm actually about to buy another one as I'm writing this review. Big thanks to the AOAM crew for all that you do for the light painting community.

Double whip is so much fun!

I definitely enjoy whip with this double head, the connector is very stable and very easy to disconnect, it allow me easily switch from double to two hands whipping, really like it!



How does the RGB Critter Flashlight (torch) attach to your accessory products?

Where can I find tutorials for the RGB Critter Product Line?

What is your warranty policy?

Can I connect 2 RGB Critters back-to-back?


What is the length, diameter, and weight of the RGB Critter?

How bright is the RGB Critter? Are the accessories visible with stage lighting?

How is the RGB Critter powered?




With the Critter Connector, you can turn your Sol Sabers into an LED Staff or double light saber toy you can duel with. The RGB Critter LED Staff is incredibly durable and designed for full contact and any drops that may occur when using it as a performance prop.