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Sol Saber® Accessory

The Sol Saber® is an incredibly bright saber accessory that’s perfect for both light painting and light saber duels. Lightweight and durable, the Sol Saber emits a smooth and evenly distributed light.

Impact Resistant

It's made of an impact resistant tube, meaning they are designed for combat and can be hit hard. The Sol Saber custom end caps are made from a soft silicone material that helps cushion impacts. 

The Sol Saber Accessory requires the RGB Critter 2.0 Flashlight in order to light up (not included). 


Sol Saber Accessory Specs

  • Lightweight at 5 ounces (24" (61cm)).
  • Super durable and designed for full contact.
  • Incredibly bright with evenly diffused light along the sides of the blade.
  • Optional Weighted End Cap for contact staff performance moves.
  • Contact us with any custom Sol Saber Accessory request. Custom order requests have an additional $20 fee associated.


    Weighted End Caps

    Contact Staff performers prefer to add our Weighted End Caps to Sol Sabers, because the extra weight increases the centrifugal force on the ends of the Sabers. This extra force allows the Sabers to rotate around your body without less effort.

    Weighted Caps are designed to work best with shorter length Sol Sabers that are under 24 inches. Due to the weight differences of longer Sol Sabers, Weighted Caps will offer less benefit for longer length Sol Sabers. 


     Light painting artwork by: Stephen Knight | @stephenk_lightart | Website


    To determine the overall length of your Sol Saber product, simply add the length of the RGB Critter and Sol Sabers. There is no additional length added by the threaded couplings or the end caps.

    Default Sol Saber length options

    Determine the overall length of your Sol Saber product

    Choosing Saber Length and Features

    We suggest any length between 24-36 inches. Most other Saber companies offer default Saber lengths of 24 inches. The Sabers seen in Star Wars are typically 36 inches. Yoda's Saber is 33.5 inches.

    Martial Artists suggest that, while standing upright, the contact staff reaches the center of your sternum (center of your chest).

    There's no "standard" for a contact staff, but performers generally opt for an overall length between 4 and 5 feet (each RGB Critter Flashlight is approximately 6 inches long).

    Adding the 12 gram Weighted End Cap to your Sol Sabers is highly suggested for Contact Staff performance moves. This will increase the centrifugal force on the ends of the Sol Sabers (the Sol Sabers will spin more easily).

    Shorter staffs move faster and are easier to throw but make contact moves more difficult to pull off.

    Longer staffs move slower and are easier to use for contact moves.


    Most light painters opt for the 47 inch (120cm) length Sol Saber with the Pixel Light Material upgrade. The 47 inch length allows light painters to create large halo effects around their models.

    Light Painting Sol Saber
    Pixel Light Material
    Pixel Light Material

    The Pixel Light Material option includes a reflective material that runs lengthwise within the Sol Saber and reflects light towards your camera which increases the overall brightness of your exposure. The Pixel Light Material will prevent light from emitting from 1/2 of the Sol Saber.

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    Intended for ages 14 and up

    Intended for

    ages 14 and up



    The RGB Critter is a color-changing flashlight (torch) that threads at the lens. Accessories from the RGB Critter product line are also threaded. You attach them to the RGB Critter by twisting them into the front end of the RGB Critter. When the RGB Critter is turned on, it will light up the accessory that is attached.
    Yes, all of our accessories are universally interchangeable with the RGB Critter Flashlight. 
    Head over to our YouTube channel to see all of our demo videos and more (hyperlink). Please subscribe to stay up to date on the latest tips and tricks videos! AntsonaMelon
    (Domestic) We accept returns for full refunds if the return is received within 30 days of receipt of your original order. (International) We accept returns for full refunds if the return is received within 30 days of initial shipment of your order.
    We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the RGB Critter Flashlight. You can view the entire warranty policy here.
    Yes, our Critter Connector does just this! Remove the End Cap from both RGB Critters and connect them by twisting on the Critter Connector.


    No, this product only includes the SOL SABER Accessory. This is a twist-on accessory for our RGB Critter Flashlight — It will not light up with our the RGB Critter. If you would like to order this accessory combined with the RGB Critter Flashlight, use the search bar to find "SOL SABER PACKAGE".
    The SOL SABER Accessory is our version of the lightsaber. The SOL SABER is incredibly bright and lightweight. It is impact resistant and is available in a variety of length options from 6 to 48 inches (15.25 cm to 122 cm). 
    Yes, we can create any custom length SOL SABER up to 48 inches (122 cm). 
    Yes, the Sol Saber is made of impact-resistant plastic and can withstand strong impacts.
    Yes, please see our Double-Sided Critter product page
    No, all of the dimensions of the End Cap, DIY Universal Connector, and Critter Connector are included in Sol Saber length listed on the product page (above).
    This really depends on your application. Please find this information with accompanying graphics listed on the product page (above).
    The Weighted End Cap is ideal for double-sided Sol Sabers or staffs. The Weighted End Cap increases the centrifugal force of the staff, which allows you to more effortlessly rotate it around your body.
    We recommend the Pixel Light Material (PLM) for all Light Painters. This upgrade will increase the overall brightness of the Sol Saber, which will allow you to capture more light in your images.


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