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RGB Critter Silicone Shell

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Sleeve Color





Create clean and soft bands of color in your light paintings.

Light Painting Blades

Light Painting Blades

Create magical light paintings with the thickest Blades on the market [Solar Flare version].

SOL SABER ACCESSORY - Ants on a Melon, Inc.

Sol Saber Accessory

Incredibly bright and designed for full contact [8" Version].


RGB Critter Silicone Shell

Choose from a variety of colors to replace your current Silicone Shell for the RGB Critter Flashlight. The RGB Critter Silicone Shell can be removed by using a tight grip to slide the Shell off one end of the RGB Critter.

Raised Button Shells - Available Now!

Released in November 2022, our Raised Button Silicone Shells offer a new button height of +1mm above the height of the body of the Silicone Shell. This extra button height makes the buttons easier to press and find in the dark!

Non-Raised Button Shells

This version of the Critter Shell includes buttons that are flush with the height of the body of the Silicone Shell. 


How To Replace a Critter Shell

We recommend warming up the silicone Shell using a hair dryer or similar and then trying to apply it, this makes the silicone more flexible and easier to install (don't heat up the aluminum body of the Critter as it may damage the battery or electronics).



To remove, place the bottom of the Critter on a hard surface and use both hands to slide the Shell downward.

To install a new Shell, reverse this process and slide the Shell on from the bottom side of the aluminum housing (make sure buttons align with button hole). You will need to use both hands for both steps and it can be hard on your hands and elbows, so please be careful 🙏


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Adam Noort
So comfy!

Easy to put on, vibrant color. Great grio! Love it!

Christopher Holt
Slides and shifts often.

I love this whip. But I have had to replace the silicone cover more than a few time.

Lauren A
Raised buttons are a must!

The shell fits great. It was quite a struggle to swap them out, but that's just because it has to be such a snug fit. Once i was able to do it, I was so thankful to have the raised buttons. The buttons are literally impossible to fine in the dark when they're not raised.


With the Critter Connector, you can turn your Sol Saber attachment into a RGB Critter LED Staff. You can even connect two Orbit BitWhips together for a dazzling light show that will be sure to blow away your audience. Any color combination you can imagine is possible with the Critter Connector.