Aiman Akhtar 3-D Printed Costume

Aiman Akhtar created this amazing 3-D Printed costume using our  Fiber Optic Costume Kit. You can find more information within issues 200 and 201 of 3D World Magazine at the iTunes Store or the actual magazine at My Favorite Magazines. This costume was printed with a Form1+, Shapeways and 3D Hubs: XYZ Limitless.

Creator: Aiman Akhtar:

Facebook Page

Model: Jessica Dru: Facebook Page

Photographer: Greg De Stephano: Facebook Page

Hair: Ruby McNeil, Makeup: Sonia Cabrera, 3D Scanning: Cokreeate Jewelry, Alienology: Igor Knezevic, Aiman's Assistant in Everything: Hwa-ryong Kim

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