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RGB Critter 2.0 Firmware Updates

If your RGB Critter shipped prior to May 22, 2022, then you have an RGB Critter 1.0 Flashlight. If your RGB Critter shipped after this date, then you have an RGB Critter 2.0, and your flashlight can be updated using the RGB Critter 2.0 firmware (see links at the bottom of the page).



If your RGB Critter shipped BEFORE May 22, 2022, then your RGB Critter is NOT eligible for the 2.0 update. If your RGB Critter shipped before this date, please do not attempt to update your RGB Critter to the 2.0 firmware as this will cause your RGB Critter to stop working.


Updated Functionality (2.0)
  • On/Off: Press Power button 1x
  • Enter/Exit Momentary Press (press Power button 3x)
  • Momentary Press: When activated, hold the Power button to turn on the RGB Critter's LED and release to turn it off.
  • Momentary press actions using Power button (previously Rocket button).
  • Improvements to the Programming Sequence.
  • Completely Overhauled Special Features Functionality: These changes make the Special Features easy to learn and use.
  • Updated default colors for the Main Menu modes arranged in rainbow order.
  • Each mode 2-8 now has 8 presets (previously 4).
  • Mode 9 now has 30 presets (previously 20).
  • Quicker access to presets in all modes.
  • Improved indicators for entering presets and exiting to the Main Menu.
  • Quicker button actions by removing medium length holds such as: lock buttons, check battery life, Special Features, and Momentary Press.
  • Lock Button color coded indicator.
  • Analog/PWM Toggle color coded indicator. 
New Functionality (2.0)
  • Auto-Play: Press the Rocket button 2x, and each of the presets in Mode 9 will automatically play for a specific amount of time (0.25 / 1 / 15 / 30 seconds).
  • New Presets: -Up from 49, the RGB Critter now has 93 unique presets.
  • Adjust Preset Speeds: Permanently change the speed of any of the 93 presets by holding the Rocket button. Each 1-second hold increases the speed of the preset by 10%. Using this new functionality, you can easily customize the entire RGB Critter.
  • Downward navigation available in the Main Menu.