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Upgrade To RGB Critter 2.0 (US Customers)

Please note, this only applies to US-based customers. International customers need to follow these separate instructions.


RGB Critter 1.0

If your RGB Critter shipped prior to 5/22/22, then you have an RGB Critter 1.0 Flashlight.

Your RGB Critter 1.0 can be upgraded to 2.0. In order to receive this upgrade, you need send your RGB Critter to our facility in Oregon, USA. Once your RGB Critter has been updated, you can update your RGB Critter 2.0 from home going forward using the 2.0 firmware, USB port, and a PC computer with Windows OS installed.

$17 Covers The Following

-Upgrade up to (4) RGB Critter 1.0 to 2.0. Once upgraded, you can install future 2.0 updates from home going forward using a PC computer with Windows OS installed. There is no fee for this service.

-Please contact us at if you have more than (4) RGB Critters to return.

-Pre-paid postage to return your RGB Critter to AOAM (to-and-from).

-All RGB Critters must be combined into 1 shipment.


Raised Button Critter Shells

-We're now offering a Raised Button Critter Shell (larger buttons). You can add this item to your cart and the Shells will ship with your upgraded Critters. There will be no additional shipping costs when adding the Raised Button Critter Shell to this order.


Important Information

  • Once the payment is received, we'll email you the pre-paid postage for your return.
  • Remove the RGB Critter's battery before returning it.
  • The postage is for USPS only and the box must be 6x6x6 inches or smaller. If the box is larger than this, there may be additional postage fees required. 
  • We are not responsible for any packages that are lost or damaged on the way to our facility.
  • Please include a note with your return that includes your contact information, address information, and reason for the return.
  • We'll be in contact within 5 business days of receiving your return.