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Fyber Kit Accessory

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Fiber Type


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The perfect travel bag for your favorite AOAM Accessories.

Bitwhip Accessory

BitWhip Accessory

The brightest light whip on the planet! [140 Fiber Version].

Jupiter Rope Green

Jupiter Rope Accessory

Our latest innovation, a flexible glowing rope.


Fyber Kit™ Accessory

The Fyber Kit Accessory is a fiber optic costume kit that is perfect for any DIY costume or creative project. It's made up of 360 .75mm end-glow fiber optic fibers that are all 6 feet long. You can cut the fibers to your desired length and they will have the same lighting effect where cut.

The fiber optics are made of high-grade durable material, so they’ll hold up to all kinds of wear and tear. If you’re a futuristic costume designer or prop-maker, you’ll love the infinite possibilities of the Fyber Kit!


Fyber Kit Accessory Specs

  • .75mm end glow fibers (tips glow)
  • 360 fibers
  • All fibers 6 feet long
  • Can be cut to the desired length


Create Your Own Fiber Optic Costume Using The Fyber Kit Package (instruction links below)


*This is a twist-on accessory for the RGB Critter Flashlight. The RGB Critter is NOT included with this product.*


Sparkle Fibers Available Now!

Sparkle fibers show tiny twinkling lights along the length of the end glow fibers. Sparkle Fibers are more prone to breaking. Please be gentle with the Sparkle Fiber version of the Fyber Kit to avoid unwanted breakage of fibers. Check out the video below for an example of these 2 fiber options.


The Fyber Kit is similar to the BitWhip, but it has more fibers (360 vs 140), all of the fibers are 6 feet in length, and the fibers do not rotate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Dominique Declerck
Stunning and easy to use

I ordered the Fyber kit to work into my next costume piece and I am excited to see the results. The kit had everything I needed and the online instructions were easy to understand.

collectif ART'MONIE
Féérie nocturne

avec les RGB Criiter 2.0, nous avons réalisé des costumes surprenants, hypnotisants. Les lumières apportent du volume aux costumes de Galaktika.
Il nous reste à programmé des effets pour ajuster au mieux la lumière à nos personnages, ce qu'aucune autre lampe de cette qualité ne peux offrir.

Meghan Reeves
Fantastic Quality

I purchased 2 fyber kits for my Halloween costume and the quality is amazing! The color range is so cool and I can’t wait to wear it to my big party!

Rachel Long
Mega fiber head

Received new 300+ fiber head and it is STUNNING! So full and vibrant. LOVE!!

Vicky Poole
Gets better and better

I have followed Ants on a Melon for quite a few years. I bought a fibre kit with the first (original) critter years ago, finally splashed out on the new RGB critter fibre pack last year and now I’ve bought more fibres so that I can create even more outfits! I love that you can choose the number of fibres & the length is great! I am going to attempt to make the hybrid cape/skirt next and then I shall wait for more inspiration…