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Repair Postage (2 shipments, to-and-from)

Repair Postage (2 shipments, to-and-from) - Ants on a Melon, Inc.
$15.00 Regular price
No Signature (non-guaranteed return delivery)
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Important Notices

  • Discounts do not apply to this product.
  • We are not responsible for any packages that are lost or damaged on the way to our facility.
  • The signature required option refers only to the return package that we send you. If you select this option, we guarantee the delivery of this return package only. 
  • If you want a guaranteed delivery option and/or insurance for your package that you're sending us, please contact us before adding this item to your cart.

Once the payment is received, we will send you postage for your return. The postage is for USPS only and the box must be 6 x 6 x 6 inches or smaller. If the box is larger than this, there may be additional postage fees required. Please include a note with your return that includes your contact information, address information, and reason for the return. We will be in contact within 5 business days of receiving your return.


Light Painting Blades are designed to be used for light painting photography. Light Painting Blades should never be used as a weapon or any form of performance prop. Use of these products as a performance flow prop could result in serious injury or damage to the product. Some of our Blade shapes have very sharp and pointy edges, so please be sure to wear proper eye protection to protect your body!

Light Painting Photography

  • AOAM Ambassador | Russell Klimas | @lightnlense
  • AOAM Ambassador | Daniel Kessel | @lightcrafter.artistry
  • AOAM Ambassador | Babs Balogun | @cre8fotoz

Join Our RGB Critter Light Painting Group on Facebook

Join us on Facebook where we host a group for Light Painters who create artwork using the RGB Critter. In this group you will have the opportunity to learn new tips and techniques and ask questions about the RGB Critter.

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With the Critter Connector, you can turn your Sol Saber attachment into a RGB Critter LED Staff. You can even connect two Orbit BitWhips together for a dazzling light show that will be sure to blow away your audience. Any color combination you can imagine is possible with the Critter Connector.