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Hive Flow Saber BT Package

$190.00 Regular price
Hive - 12 Inch (31cm)
(no upgrade)
Double-Sided Upgrade (save up to $60)
1-Year Limited Warranty (included)


3050mAh 18650 Battery Front

2500mAh 18650 Battery

Each replaceable battery provides 3-9 hours of continuous use at full brightess.

Bitwhip Accessory

BitWhip Accessory

The brightest light whip on the planet! [140 Fiber Version].

Jupiter Rope Green

Jupiter Rope Accessory

Our latest innovation, a flexible glowing rope.



*This product is available for pre-sale orders only. Your order will ship around June 25th. Any other products ordered with this product will ship together.

Ants on a Melon App Release Dates

Ants on a Melon App Compatibility

  • iOS 17.0, or newer
  • Android 7.0, or newer


Hive Flow Saber BT Package - The All-New App-Controlled Color-Changing Flashlight!

This package includes the RGB Critter BT Flashlight and Hive Saber.

The Hive Saber has a geometric dot shaped design that's laser cut into an opaque reflective material. When the RGB Critter is attached and turned on, all you will see is the light that shines through the intricate design along the length of the blade.

The app-controlled RGB Critter BT powers the Hive Saber, so all you have to do is twist the accessory into the RGB Critter BT and turn it on.  



  • Lightweight at 13 ounces (RGB Critter BT + 24" Hive Saber)
  • 29.5 Inches total length (RGB Critter BT + 24" Hive Saber)
  • Made from impact-resistant polycarbonate tubing
  • Covered by AOAM's Limited Warranty
  • Super bright with evenly diffused light along the sides of the blade.


New Silicone Modular Cap  

Each Hive Saber BT Package includes our new Modular Cap. The Modular Cap is a durable and soft silicone cap with a threaded aluminum base that easily screws onto the RGB Critter Flashlights and Modular Saber products. The Modular Cap is compatible with the RGB Critter's End Cap and all Modular Saber variations.



Multiple Connected Devices Issue Notice

The Ants on a Melon App enables users to simultaneously connect up to 10 RGB Critter BT Flashlights. However, it is important to note that there is a known issue with color-changing modes when multiple Critter BTs are connected to the app. The colors may not always match perfectly on the connected flashlights. This issue only applies to color-changing modes, as solid colors will always match on any number of connected RGB Critter BTs. A resolution for this known issue is expected by the end of 2024. Once the issue is resolved, you will be able to update your RGB Critter BT using the app.


Connect 2 RGB Critter BTs Back-To-Back

Double up 2 RGB Critter BTs with the Critter Connector, an aluminum adapter that allows you to connect two Critters back-to-back. It screws easily into the back end of the RGB Critter BT, giving you the ability to mix and match multiple accessories.

See the drop-down menus above for the discounted double-sided Hive Saber add-on option.

Included with double-sided add-on (save up to $50):

  • (2) RGB Critter BT Flashlights
  • (2) Hive Sabers
  • (2) Modular Caps
  • (1) Critter Connector

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    Are all of the accessories found on the website compatible with the RGB Critter?

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    Over 200 Twist-On Accessories

    Explore more than 200 accessory options, suchas flow toys and light painting tools, which interlock effortlessly and securely.


    BitWhip Package

    Easily the brightest light whip on the planet, the BitWhip is a super durable fiber optic whip made from super soft end-glow fibers that are cut into layered lengths of up to 5.5 feet


    Light Painting Tools

    The RGB Critter is widely recognized as the best color-changing flashlight for light painting applications. We have a selection of 150+ twist-on Light Painting Tools, including Light Painting Blades (featured here).


    Double-Sided Sabers

    Connect 2 Critters back-to-back to create a double -sided Modular Sol Saber or Modular Lumi Saber.


    Fyber Kit Package

    The Fyber Kit is a fiber optic kit that is perfect for any DIY futuristic fashion costume or creative project.


    Color Changing Buttons

    Our new RGB button technology provides a
    vibrant display of colors.

    New No-Slip Silicone Grip

    Experience enhanced control with our new no-slip
    silicone grip, designed to provide a secure hold
    in any situation.

    Analog Technology

    The RGB Critter BT includes our breakthrough PWM/
    Analog Technology. For light painters, an Analog signal
    drive unlocks the most vivid visuals possible.

    USB-C Charging Port

    Replaceable 18650 battery included.
    Up to 9 hours of use per charge.

    New Silicone Modular Cap

    Protect your RGB Critter and Modular
    Sabers from accidental drops. Patent Pending.

    Technical Specifications

    Replaceable 2500mAh 18650 battery

    Internal USB-C charging

    Aluminum Body


    3 illuminated RGB buttons

    connects to over 200 twist-on accessories

    • Length 5.9" (150mm)
    • Diameter 1.3" (33mm)
    • Weight 9oz
    • Max Lumens 170lm
    • MAX RUNTIME (COLOR) 4-7hr
    • 18650 Battery 2500mAh
    • Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty (optional 3-Year add-on)
    Compatible with iPhones and iPads
    RGB Critter BT Android App Coming July 2024
    iOS June 2024 Android (beta) July 2024


    Introducing RGB Critter BT, the app-controlled color-changing flashlight. Connect your RGB Critter BT to our new Ants on a Melon app and play!