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Light Painting Blades - Pro

$25.00 Sale price
Light Painting Blade


Fiber Optic Duster White

Fiber Optic Duster

Only the tips of the black fibers glow!

Modular Lumi Saber Options

Modular Lumi Saber

Laser cut circles cut into this tube help to create incredible light paintings [Large Spiral Dots Version].

Modular Sol Saber Options -  Light Painting Stick

Modular Flow Saber

Incredibly bright and designed for full contact [8" version].


Light Painting Blades - Pro

Light Painting Blades are acrylic shapes that light up when attached to the RGB Critter Flashlight. This product is designed for use in light painting photography.

Light Painting Blades are not compatible with the RGB Critter Flashlight - instead, they must be connected to the specialized Light Painting Blade Holder, which utilizes a threaded design for attachment to the front of the RGB Critter. This functionality allows the Blade to nearly touch the front of the RGB Critter's lens, which maximizes the brightness of your accessories. 

Light Painting Blades require the RGB Critter Flashlight in order to light up (not included).


The Thickest Blades Available

At 8mm, these are the thickest Light Painting Blades on the market! This extra thickness provides the most light output possible.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews

    Any information about removing what appears to be protective paper?

    Hi Alex, It's up to you whether or not you want to remove the protective paper from the Light Painting Blade - The paper will create a different lighting effect if left in place. The product pictures on the website show the Blades without the paper and most Light Painters opt to remove it before use.

    Alan Rust
    Great Experience

    Have been into light painting for quite a while, mainly with home made equipment. Recently I was lucky enough to have some “Me” money so I thought I would tackle the complicated system of ordering from the altar of light painting itself, Ants On A Melon. Turns out at there is nothing complicated at all, ordering could not have been easier. The products were despatched promptly and arrived in good time. Sadly (????) I had no need to speak to a customer representative, but I have no doubt that should I have needed to do so I would have been pleased.

    I have no qualms about recommending this company to you.

    Marcel Kirchner
    Great Design!

    The pro blades are very well designed. The extra thickness to these blades enables greater light output. The extra etching in the design catches the light really nicely making them pop more than the non pro versions. I can’t wait to try out more of your quality built products and I’m looking forward to seeing what designs you come up with next!

    Andrzej Mroczkowski

    I think Blades from AOAM are very functional, & give many Possibilities to create interesting Pictures.

    Rafal Uk
    So much fun

    It was really hard to work out perspective in which to use it but after long try and error night it is SSSOOOOO FREAKIIING COOOOL