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Sol Saber Accessory

$35.00 Regular price
12" (31cm)

Light Painters - We recommend taking a look at our all-new Modular Sol Sabers

Sol Saber® Accessory

The Sol Saber® is an incredibly bright saber accessory that’s perfect for light saber duels. Lightweight and durable, the Sol Saber emits a smooth and evenly distributed light.


Impact Resistant

It's made of an impact resistant tube, meaning they are designed for combat and can be hit hard. The Sol Saber custom end caps are made from a soft silicone material that helps cushion impacts.

The Sol Saber Accessory requires the RGB Critter 2.0 Flashlight in order to light up (not included).


Sol Saber Accessory Specs

  • Lightweight at 5 ounces (24" (61cm)).
  • Super durable and designed for full contact.
  • Incredibly bright with evenly diffused light along the sides of the blade.


This Product Is NOT Designed For Light Painting

Here are links for our Modular Sabers engineered specifically for light painters:

Weighted End Caps

Contact Staff performers prefer to add our Weighted End Caps to Sol Sabers, because the extra weight increases the centrifugal force on the ends of the Sabers. This extra force allows the Sabers to rotate around your body without less effort.

Light Painting Artwork

Stephen Knight | @stephenk_lightart | Website

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

I reached out to AOAM to replace my sole sabers as a gentle drop shifted the inside roll of reflective material, effectively breaking the light projection. They replaced them and one of them still slips back and forth that way, the other is too long to slip (whicg was a perfect fix). It's quite a pain knowing that they can come properly, but I now have 3 defective sabers. :/

scotty gibson
Amazing customer service and product.

Amazing in real life! The Analog option is delightful on camera and to everyone's eyes. A fun side show on its own while you learn the controls!
Despite all the color combinations you can set even more! Navigation is 3 buttons, small learning curve but knowing how you want to use the RGB Critter LED Staff helps narrow down which button clicks to remember. Easy lockouts to prevent accidental button pushing and the availability of drop in spare batteries is making this my most versatile tool. The connection between the RGB Critters is rock solid, even with multiple add-ons the Led Staff is secure feeling. Quick turn around on questions and special requests by email. Great job to the Ants on a Melon team!


Superior product and top notch customer service

Tobias Marshall
Sol Saber

The Sol Saber attachment is a great addition to my Critter 2.0. It screw on really easily and then means I can create a RGB tube light that can be used to light with for photography and filming. Its great as the torch by itself is a hardlight, but the Sol Saber attachment makes the Critter into a soft light with any colour I want

Elston O

Love these so much we have two now. Great quality, and makes for some awesome photos as well as some fun raving!